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    Gluten Free Slow Cooker Ham & Cabbage Soup (Crock Pot Recipe)

    Roger found a family pack of pork neck bones at (Our Store is called Schnouck ?( sp) It was a family pack as I said and he got it for $5. some had a lot of meat on them so we BBQ"d on out air cooker, we grilled them Then we made soup out of some of them. I think we grill the rest plain. They...
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    New to the Group But Not to CrockPot Cooking

    charlye here: I also am in search of LO CARB cooking. My hubby and I are both diabetics and trying to control our sugar & carb intake. Lately I went to a Heart Seminar and was fortunate to receive 3 of Heart Healthy Cookbooks that also has you watching carbs; My hubby had a bypass in 2008. So I...
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    Leftover Ham Crockpot Recipes: Navy Beans & Ham Soup

    I soak my bears overnight in a little bit of Baking Soda rinse them in the morning put in my crockpot with enough water to cover beans (add more water if needed as it cooks). by supper they are almost mush so if you don't like them mushy don't put them into the slow cooker about 12:00 When I...
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    crockpot baked potatoes

    Do you have to add any water or the like? charlye
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    german apple kuchen recipe

    I am going to try again. I am looking for this recipe for the crockpot.. I have seen it a couple time but I can't seem to access the site, probably my dumb computer. No not me , the computer! ;)
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    Browning Hamburger in Crockpot

    Look I like I stirred something up asking for a crockpot meatloaf recipe. Sorry friends. charlye
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    Causion food and safetysays:

    I have no idea as what I posted was all that they had on the crockpot and ground meat raw. I think it is because raw meat is not suppose to be left out of frig. very long and I don't know if a crockpot ever reaches the meat to the internal temp. that they call "safe".
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    Causion food and safetysays:

    I got this off Betty Crocker site: Can you make a meat loaf in a crock pot? Asked 09/17/2013 by mary372003 The food safety experts do NOT recommend making meat loaf in a slow cooker. They recommend all ground meats be cooked before adding to a slow cooker. Here are more helpful Slow Cooker...
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    Those veggies that yeild MASSIVE stock?

    TreasaL I am from Northern Il, Rockford to be exact. How far apart are we? I am charlye, wonderful dh, 2 kids, 2 adult granddaughters, I am teaching them some cooking and they are teaching me juiceing. Wonderful g-kids. I am going to teach them to sew. We are going to make quilts for them before...
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    Crock Pot Meat loaf

    Thank Barbara G and hillbilly housewife thank you both, I will get my grocerys in the morning and try this tomorrow. thank you so very. I will let you know how it turns out and how dh likes it. I have been craving meatloaf since I posted it. None of the resturants were serving any so I said...
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    Crock Pot Meat loaf

    I am looking for a recipe for a good meat loaf that can be cooked in a crock pot. It needs to be easy (my request) and taste good. Hubby's request. I don't mind a lot of things in my meat loaf like onions, peppers, spices So we are not picky eaters but we love meat loaf and would like it for...
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    Those veggies that yeild MASSIVE stock?

    I live 70 miles from Chicago straight west and I can't seem to grow anything but weeds. I don't have to try to hard for them but we have tried several different things but I have resorted to tomatoes in containers. Not sure yet this year but last year we had hanger cherry tomatoes that seem to...
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    Hello from IL

    I am new here. Not to cooking or slow cooking but talking about. I am charlye, I do pot roast and beans in my slow cooker, I had 3 now I have 2 both large ones. I am looking for a recipe for a good meat loaf that can be cooked in a crock pot. It needs to be easy and taste good. Hubby's demands...