Adapting Recipes for the Crockpot


Well, I believe, you would reduce the water because the slow cooker works as a steamer. Trapping the water and utilizing it in the cooking process. If I'm making soups and stews and such I normally do not decrease the liquid but wait till everything is done and add a roux. Really, it's roux for stew and more taters for soups
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Wow, I never thought of using canned beans. If I use canned beans do I cut down the cooking time?
I was looking at a recipe for Beer-Braised Pork Roast and it calls for browning the meat, then deglazing. Followed by cooking for 3 hours in the oven then transfer to a slow cooker for 6-8 hours on low setting. Does anyone use these techniques before slow cooking or is it just as well to just go straight to slow cooking.
Some recipes call for browning the meat to help seal in the juices while cooking. I rarely take time to do this because it is one less thing on my list being a single parent of three children on the run all the time. I am sure it can make some difference though if you have time to do it. Although, I don't think it will really affect the flavor of the dish.
I had my first flop with dairy in the crockpot not too long ago. I was making sour cream and cheese potatoes and I added the cheese at the beginning and by the time it was done it was curdled and separated. I felt bad but now I know next time to add it later.
Christine, I personally like browning my meat and deglazing the pan before I put the meat in the slow cooker. I like the browned ends on my meat so I enjoy doing it; however, I have never done it in the oven in addition. I have also put meat into the crockpot without browning it first and it comes out just as delicious.
The same is true for recipes that call for rice, like chicken & rice or chicken rice soup. Use cooked rice and add it during the last 20-30 mins otherwise it is just. mush.