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    Beef and Noodles Slow Cooker Recipe

    2-3 lbs beef roast (no need to cut up) 3-4 cups of water (depending on size of crock pot and roast) 2 tbs of butter salt and pepper to taste 3-4 beef bullion cubes Put in crock pot and let cook for about 5 hours. ( I usually put in the night before and let cook all night) Beef will shred easy...
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    Adapting Recipes for the Crockpot

    I agree with this. If you put uncooked pasta in the crock pot and let it cook the entire time the rest is cooking, you will end up with mushy pasta. Learned that from experience :(
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    Crock Pot Nutrition Advantages

    My husband was exposed to chemicals a few years ago and now has Toxic Encephalopathy. Because of this, his dr. (a chemical exposure specialist) informed us of what he could and could not eat due to his exposure. One of the things we learned that really surprised me is the slow cooking vs...
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    What's for Dinner Tonight in Your Crockpot?

    Sounds delicious!! I must try this one :) Thanks Crock Momma!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas as well as reading others. I'm a mother of three (all grown) and have two grandchildren. Therefore, I do a LOT of cooking :)
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    Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

    My husband and I usually attend a Halloween party where we dress up with hand made costumes. (Less expensive and usually more creative). Thanksgiving is a LARGE meal at my parent's house and another at my in-laws. Black Friday shopping begins Thanksgiving evening. I usually finish my...
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    It's Cooling Off Outside - What Are Your Plans?

    My plans are to get back on my diet and exercise plan, lose weight and be ready for the summer season next year. My reality tells me I am going to continue to get recipes off of this site, attend lots of dinners and probably gain 10 pounds over the winter. Hopefully my plans will win over...
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    Carry Ins / Events

    A few years ago I started using my crockpots for all events that I needed to transport food that needed to stay warm. This can be food that was prepared in the crockpot but doesn't have to be. I have even used the crockpot to transport mashed pototes. For this reason, I have several different...
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    Whole Chicken in a Crockpot

    I do cook whole chickens in the crock pot quite often. However, the result is not usually rotisserie, because I usually cook it over night. The chicken falls off the bone cooked this way. If cooked for a lesser amount of time, it may be more of rotisserie result.
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    Chicken Mushroom Stew Slow Cooker Recipe

    Chicken Mushroom Stew Slow Cooker Recipe One of my husband's favorite crock pot meals is something I made up. I use about 1 pound of chicken breast, cut in chunks, add portobello mushrooms (amount depends on how well you like mushrooms), add 5-6 large potatoes diced up, a can of cream of...