Who Uses Artificial Sweeteners? Are They Bad for Our Health?

Geri K

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I use artificial sweeteners all the time. Have not tried Steevia yet which is supposed to be better because it is natural. although there is no proof yet that its completely safe either. " Stevia may interact with anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials, anti-cancer drugs, anti-virals, appetite suppressants, calcium channel blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs, drugs that increase urination, fertility agents and other medications. People should talk with their doctor before deciding to take stevia in large amounts".
Lol - I just commented on this in another thread but in case some of you don't see that, I will share my own experiences here, too.

I have been a big diet soda drinker for many years. I read not long ago how aspartame can cause many side effects and problems. I gave it at the beginning of the year. Within a week or so, I noticed that the inflammation and pain I've had in my hands and feet for years had dramatically decreased. It was completely gone from my feet! I had attributed the pain to arthritis and aging. Now my hands have regained range of motion and strength. Though not pain-free, (I think I do have arthritis), I am able to do so much more. So my advice is avoid aspartame as a n artificial sweetener at all costs.
Thanks for the tip about aspartame. I have been trying to avoid all sweeteners (natural and artificial).