What's for Dinner Tonight in Your Crockpot?


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Fast & Easy Crockpot Roast Recipe

Fast and easy prep!

Main Slow Cooker Ingredients:

4 lb round roast
green bell peppers

Crockpot Meal Seasonings:

Lipton onion soup mix packet
McCormick roast seasoning packet

Slow Cooker Cooking Time:

Cooked on low for about 8 hours.
This sounds so good! I have made roast many times in my crockpot, but I love to try different ways of cooking it. I have never used the Lipton onion soup mix with my roast. It sounds really good that way. I may have to make this for dinner tomorrow!
It really is good. Took only a couple times to perfect on the cook time but I must say, she nails it every time now and the meat is so juicy and tender. (but not too tender so that it's falling apart).

BTW, in case some haven't figured it out, CrockMomma is my wife :)
This sounds good. I would add two things. I would add potatoes because I love starchy foods. I might also add mushrooms. I think the mushrooms could add another level of earthiness to the dish.
That sounds yummy! Thank you for posting it. I also have never put the lipton in like that. Great idea!
That sounds good and amazingly like what we had last night. I cooked a roast with potatoes, onions, carrots and peas. Tonight we are having a BBQ pork loin that is in the crock pot and it smells wonderful right now. It will be shredded and made into sandwiches later on.
I forget about peas! I haven't added those in a rump roast for awhile. It is so silly how I can forget a veggie when I cook. I will have to add them in sometime soon.
I haven't made a roast in a long time and I think its about time that I did. A good Sunday roast is always nice to have.