What new features should we add next?


I'm thinking we definitely need some sort of photo stream and albums capability so we can show off our equipment and recipes. What else would you like to see here on CrockPotable?

Remember, this isn't just a forum, I can add almost anything you can think of, so please don't be shy about suggesting things!
I have one suggestion. Is it possible to have tags on a new thread? This would be a good way to search through topics. I did not see that option when I made my new threads.
Mindy, I'm actually working on that and expect to have it up and running this weekend. The biggest hurdle is figuring out how to organize the tag structure and how we want to share it.

Thanks and keep em coming ;)
Wonderful! Let sounds like a lot of work! I appreciate you taking your time to do that for this forum. I am looking forward to it. Thanks again.