What is the difference between portable crockpots and non-portable crockpots?

Barbara G.

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Some think a crockpot is a crockpot, but is this really true? When crockpots first became popular, I think it would be safe to say that most of them were non-portable. Non-portable means they are not conducive to taking the food with you. Portable crockpots have some functions allowing the owner to transport food more easily.


Many crockpots are available with removable crocks. I totally love this aspect! Not only are you able to remove the crock for easier washing, it is a great way use the crock to store larger amounts of food. Once the food has cooled, the crock can go straight into the refrigerator.

Some of the fancier crockpots allow you to pre-cook the food at home, then transport it in the car to your destination. One should allow the crockpot to cool slightly before traveling with it. Some crockpots come with handles or locking mechanisms to make sure the food will not easily spill during transport.

Do you own a portable crockpot, or non-portable? Do you travel with it often?
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I remember when the only crockpot you could get was one with a non-removable crock, which was so hard to clean. It is nice to see that the company's are working to bringing us more functional products!
They were very inconvenient when it came to cleaning them. It is so helpful now days to have the ones with the removable crockpot insert!