What is a manual crockpot?

Barbara G.

Staff member
A manual crockpot is one that is not digital. It has the classic dial on the front which can be set to off, low, and high. Some crockpots also offer a warm setting. The manual dial must be set by the owner to change the temperature.

Some manual crockpots come with a removable crock which is typically made from stoneware. Manual crockpots normally cost less than those with all the bells and whistles. Therefore, manual crockpots are more economical.


Personally, I have only used manual crockpots and have had much success with them. Some of them have lasted me ten years or longer.

Do you own a manual crockpot? How do you like it? How long has it lasted you over the years?
My crockpot is about 7 years old and works fine. Every one I have ever had lasted a long time and seemed indestructible. I have always owned the manual kind and really have no need for a fancy one.
I own two. They are the same brands and almost identical except one has a removable stoneware crock and the other is one-piece unit. They even have the same design. They have lasted me 10+ years as well. The problem is they are smaller than what I like to use these days. However, I have gone through 3 of hte bigger ones with the bells and whistles in the same time frame.
I have 2 manual crockpots and yes, you are correct. I have had one for over 10 years now. I do like the manual ones but I am looking to buy one with all of the bells and whistles. ;)