What did you eat today?

For lunch I had some hot wings. I made them with cayenne pepper and "Red Hot" hot sauce. Oh yeah, I can't forget that I added a little bit of butter to the sauce, I don't think you can ever have too much butter. I cooked them in my crock pot for a couple hours and then I put them on my grill for a couple minutes after to get some crispiness. I can still taste them in my mouth!
lol Thanks, now I can taste them in MY mouth.

I've been experimenting with a lot of tomatillos as of late. They were on sale at a ridiculous price (also blackberries but that's another story). Basically, it's a tusk covered tomato-like fruit that is tart in the green form. I am in love with it. Thus far I incorporated it into chilli, on a pizza, and (today I eat) tuna salad. I can't wait. Lunch is coming soon.
Breakfast: scramble eggs, blueberries, avocado.
Lunch: turkey burger w/o bun and very little mayo.
Dinner: a huge green salad topped with salmon, chickpeas, olives, blueberries and balsamic dressing.
Now that the morning weather is cool, I can have some oatmeal. When I prepared my oatmeal I use very little butter and stevia in place of sugar, topped with fresh fruit- like blueberries or strawberries.
Thus far it's been half a chocolate bar. I'm making some talapia tonight and am gong through our recipes here for a good side I can slap in the crock pot soon. :)
So far today I have had a bowl of cheerios and a Carnation instant breakfast with no sugar added. I usually have this every morning unless I get to go out for breakfast then its all fattening stuff like Belgian waffles and sausage links. Of course the Belgian waffles have to have butter on them and lots of syrup. If I eat waffles at home I always use the syrup with no sugar in it as it tastes the same to me as the syrup with the sugar. Its ok to indulge once in a while.
I agree with you Geri, it's ok to indulge once in a while. I am also getting use to eating foods without the added sugar. And when I do eat something with sugar added, Wow, it's a big difference.
do you guys keep track of your food each day? Like a food journal type deal for nutrition info?

It's been a trend lately with friends on Facebook that they're doing "photo diaries" of everything they eat each day, in an effort to be healthier and loose weight. The idea is that if they track everything they're eating, and share it, they're likely to make smarter choices. Not sure if I want to hop on this trend just yet though...
My brother mentioned keeping track of what I eat in order to lose weight. Additionally, he said I should count calories. I think that it takes the enjoyment out of eating. I guess it would help me to lose weight, because I just wouldn't eat if I had to keep track. Right now, as per my nutritionist, I just stay away from the bad foods as much as possible and eat more of the good foods.
I have an app that I like to use, called "Lose It!". It has a wonderful food diary and calorie counter that keeps track of everything. It also shows you where you are calorie wise to meet your fitness goals. It's not all about low calories, it's having enough of the right calories to make sure your body doesn't think it's starving.
Today I was bad. I went to the movies and had 2 bags of popcorn and cotton candy. I guess I can't complain that the weight isn't coming off.:(
For the past few days, I haven't been too bad. I had soup for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch. Dinner was a lite meal. I back to drinking peppermint tea at night, it's suppose to help with bloating.