What Brand of Crock Pot?


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What kind do you have?

My husband and I received this CrockPot brand slow cooker for our wedding.


The more I research, the more I see that there are all different types/styles of slow cookers with many different features. Which do you have and like the best?

I like ours overall- it's pretty basic and easy to use. The inner pot lifts right out for easy cleaning and there are settings for 4, 8, 12+ hours.
My crockpot has an inner pot that lifts out for easy cleaning. It has a few settings: warm, low, and high. It is made by Country Cookware.
My partners mother owns a slow cooker/crock pot. I have never used it and I really would like to use it now. It has a setting of low, warm, and high on it.
I own a few slow cookers but my favorite by far is my Hamilton Beach one. It has a locking lid and a spoon that attaches to the lid handle. Keeps the goop off your counter and makes it SUPER easy to travel with if you are making food for a party!!!
I have several "crock pots." My favorite and nicest one is my KitchenAid. The ceramic liner is very heavy and thats the only bad part about it. Other than that, its the best slow cooker I have ever used in my 30 years of homemaking. KitchenAid really stands behind their products too. If you have any kind of problem, they are quick to help.