Welcome to the Slow Cooker & Crock Pot Community!!

Barbara G.

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Welcome to the Slow Cooker & Crock Pot Community!!
Do you love to use your crockpot on a regular basis? Do you need help getting started using your slow cooker?

We at CrockPotTalk love to talk about slow cooker recipes, tips for crockpot cooking, health & nutrition, and gardening! Sometimes, we even like to chat about other general topics to get to know each other!

Helpful Sections in the Crockpot Forums:
Introductions - post an introduction here in this section of the forums to let us know you dropped by!

Main (click) - Discussions about anything related to slow cooking, or crockpots. If you have questions, please ask away!

Crock Pot Recipes (click) - This is where we read recipes and share those we have used in preparing our family meals! Also, you can see what other are cooking when they add their personal food photographs!

General Chat (click) - Want to talk about the weather, or see what someone has been up to? Then visit the general chat area of the forums!

Home & Garden (click) - Do you have your own garden? Want to discuss the home and gardening? This is a great place to share your thoughts and hear about what others are doing!

Health & Nutrition (click) - Would you like to learn more about health and nutritional information? This section of the forum is the place to discuss it!

Slow Cooker Recipe Requests (click) - Have you searched the forums for a specific recipe? Can't find it? We can help! Post your crockpot recipe requests in this section!

:) Happy Crock Pot Cooking!! :)
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Hi Im Not new Just Been Away. Im so Happy to be Back and its been a struggle for me I missed Barbara and all the great members here. Learn a lot ...even at my age. Crock Pot is Great on Hot Summer Days so get them Going. Ty Senior Cook