The wonderful benefits of walking for health

Barbara G.

Staff member
Walking is a great way to relieve stress and get into shape. I used to walk all the time and plan on doing it more often since the weather is much nicer. Walking helps the body to improve heart health, exercise the muscles, and increases blood flow to the brain!

What do you feel are some of the other wonderful benefits of walking for health?
I agree that walking is an excellent way to get into shape and relieve stress. In addition, bike riding, gardening, swimming (my favorite), running or jogging are good as well. My mother does Tai Chi (and walking) at her senior center and so far she's been able to reduce some of the medications she had to take.
Walking is difficult for me. I am a goal oriented person and walking without a "destination" seems purposeless. I know, good health is a "destination." But it is abstract, not concrete. So, we have a 1/2 mile driveway that is almost all downhill. Hubby drops me off and I walk home. It's not always the entire distance, but this works for me. (Sometimes I drive, just so he will have to do the walking!)
I think that we don't get bored as fast when we walk because the scenery is constantly changing. Its best to not always walk the same places and change scenery. Also, just being out in the air is better than exercising indoors as it seems to produce better results.
Speaking of scenery, you have just prompted me to walk along the beach. The weather is perfect and the sea air is invigorating.
Walking is my favorite form of exercise (jogging/running is too hard on my knees and ankles).

I find that walking is a great stress reliever. I walk a short distance every morning Monday-Friday before work, which helps me shrug off any negativity from the day before and mentally prepare for the day ahead. It also helps me feel more awake and I'm not dragging myself into the office. Walking definitely puts you in a better mood. Also, after having done this every morning for a few months now, it has helped with some weight loss.

I think walking is also a great activity to do with others. When their schedules allow, my parents or friends will join me on a morning walk.
Gardening is my favorite form of exercise. I spend at least four hours a day weeding, raking, mowing, etc. I have many flowers and two very large vegetable gardens. I place chairs in the shady areas and keep a jug of water with me. I usually drink at least a gallon of water daily.

Picked my first green beans this morning. There's only enough for two very small servings, but it won't be long and we will be having green beans at every meal.

I am going to post a recipe for crock pot Italian roast beef. I do not like cooking in the summer and Hubby gets tired of salads. I like to make sandwiches. Making this roast means a whole week of meals with almost no work! More time for gardening!