The Joys of Growing Herbs at Home

Barbara G.

Staff member
There’s something really fulfilling and satisfying about growing your own herbs at home. It gives you a sense of pride and creativity.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits you can get from growing herbs in your own garden:

1. You’ll be able to save a lot of money. Most herbs that can be found in supermarkets are quite expensive.

2. Say goodbye to boring lunches and dinners. With an herb garden, you’ll have endless ways to elevate everyday dishes.

3. You’ll instantly have a green thumb. Herbs are easier to grow than most plants. They require less attention as well as less complicated details.

4. You’ll get free home decoration. The sight of cute little herbs growing in your garden gives a nice touch and feel to your home.

5. Taking care of herbs can also serve as a stress reliever especially if you have a day job. What’s even better is that herbs are a source of aromatherapy.

6. Maintaining an herb garden can also serve as your daily form of exercise to keep you healthy and active.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own herb garden now!
I am trying to learn how to grow herbs. I tried to grow some this summer and not all of them done well. I bought cheap seeds and I think I am going to maybe order seeds from one of the companies that have seed catalogs this time. I am looking forward to a second try.