The Food Guide Pyramid


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When it comes to nutrition, we are recommended to abide by the Food Guide Pyramid, which is a graphic representation devised by the US Department of Agriculture in 1992.

As most of you know, this pyramid include grains and cereals in the base of it, beneath are layers for fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, besides fats and sweets at the peak of the food pyramid.

This means that we can eat freely those foods that are in the bottom and moderate the consumption of foods in other layer, paying special care to those in the top of it, which are recommended in small quantities.
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That food pyramid was actually replaced a few years ago by a "square pyramid." That one was recently replaced by a new pyramid found here:

This pyramid gives the daily amount a person should consume of each food group. It also highlights the importance of daily exercise for well rounded health. What do you think about this new pyramid?

I myself like the visual layout, but question the daily amounts outlined. I feel like many people need a more individualized pyramid.
I agree with Joshua, the new pyramid is not a good fit for me. I can't eat dairy and I don't eat red meat, no matter how lean.
Have to confess at our later years on you young ones, we dont worry as we should. I cant teach an old Man New tricks. Son is with me on safety etc. Thank you.