Stop Wasting Your Food With These Three Food Storage Tips

Barbara G.

Staff member
Wasting food is a major no-no in every household. With all commodity prices, it is very expensive to be throwing food away just because you do not know how to store them properly. So, here are three important tips to know about “how to store food at home.”

Use Your Fridge

Your fridge should be kept cool between 0-5 degrees Celsius in order that bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria may not be able to multiply. Thus, keeping your food fresh is the key. The hazard when these bacteria multiply to dangerous levels is that they cause food poisoning.

Maximize Food Storage Usage

Do not just dump food, vegetables, fruits, meats, and processed food in your fridge. Arrange them and organize them to keep them from spoiling and being mixed up.

You can use plastic food containers sealing them so that their various smells will not fill the entire fridge. When placing foods in the freezer, containers can be used as well as “freezer quality” zip lock bags.

Use the top shelf in the refrigerator for processed food like cheeses and yogurts as this is the warmest part of the fridge. The bottom shelf should be used for meats and poultry, while the crisper or crisp drawer is for fruits and vegetables since they are designed to let the vegetables retain crispness.

Individually Pack Leftover Food

If you have grilled chicken, or sautéed pork along with vegetables, for lunch and have a lot of leftovers, make sure you put them in two different storage boxes. Do not put them together so that the taste does not mix and this will also prevent them from spoiling.

Learning proper food storage techniques is important. With these three food tips, you can save money and still eat healthy.
I agree with you Crockpot mom. I try not to waste food being that buy a lot of organic foods. It is so expensive. I wish I could figure out how to extend the life of my dark leafy green vegetables.