Somewhat new to crockpot cooking


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I do own a crockpot and know how to work it, but would like easy, possibly Weight Watcher friendly ideas for 1-2 people
I nolonger do weight watchers so have no idea what to offer. I will say this I could not eat the amount of points they offered me. LOL a waste of cash for me. I want to offer you something I enjoy. I love a1 steak sauce a lot. I take steak what cut who knows.. I put it in the crock pot toss in a small bottle of a1 steak sauce. add seasoning and cook till it falls apart. then serve on a bed of rice. you could use mashed potato or anything your diet allowed. check this out.
Welcome to the crockpot forums! Nice to meet you and look forward to hearing more about how your crockpot cooking is coming along!