Slow Cooker Wax paper Sheets for Crafts and Wreath Directions

Geri K

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Paper dipped in wax, especially beeswax, can be a fun material to play around with in arts and crafts projects. I took pages from a thrifted book (the pages contain lists of plant names, yay!) and dipped them in a little beeswax melted in the bottom of my slow cooker. What will I do with these? The current plan is to cut out shapes for Christmas ornaments. But I could also use the pages to make a rolled paper wreath like Michele did last holiday season. The wax coating would make the paper more moisture resistant and help it keep longer.

Rolled Paper Wreath With 1960s Sheet Music
No. 2 by Michele Purcell on October 30, 2012 Make It

Sometimes when you’re crafting, the simplicity of your materials leads the design. This wreath is made from a songbook of popular music from the 60s. I liked the idea of the song titles being visible, so I just used the same folding method for each page to create a uniform look.

What you’ll need:
• Music sheets or pages from a book
• Glue gun
• Flat board wreath form

Here’s how to make it:
1. Take one page and roll it into a cone. Dab hot glue on the corner of the smaller end of the cone, fold over and press to affix into the shape. Repeat for each sheet.
2. Affix cones to the wreath form with hot glue. Glue sheets to each other, if necessary.
That wreath is darling. I would dress it up a bit with some holly leaves & berries for color and contrast. I was thinking road maps would be fun to do but not for a wreath. I have a bunch of old maps I need to find a crafty idea for.
Theresa, did you now that some old road maps are worth money? They are collectible I just found out recently. Just thought I would let you know before you used them for crafts.