Simple Herbs to Grow at Home

Barbara G.

Staff member
It’s quite easy and hassle-free to grow herbs in your own garden. Here are some of the best herbs to get for your garden and their benefits:

1. Aloe Vera – promotes digestion and has detoxifying properties.

2. Basil – an antioxidant and gives a rich flavor to dishes.

3. Chrysanthemum – improves sight and hearing.

4. Cilantro – provides defense against cholesterol and oxidants.

5. Garlic – cancer prevention.

6. Ginger – alleviates menstrual, heartburn, nausea and migraine pain.

7. Ginseng – boosts physical and mental functions.

8. Green Tea – prevents heart disease.

9. Jasmine – promotes health and well-being.

10. Lemongrass – prevents cancer and eye inflammation.

11. Mint – calms the stomach and freshens breath.

12. Onion – has anti-bacterial properties.

13. Oregano – perfect for Mediterranean dishes and gives the skin a healthy glow.

14. Parsley – full of Vitamins A and C.

15. Peppermint – has Vitamin B, freshens breath and promotes proper digestion.

16. Rhubarb – perfect for blood cleansing, relieving constipation and improving eye functions.

17. Sage – heals cuts and inflammation.

18. Thyme – a natural disinfectant and cures infection or digestive problems.

19. Turmeric – it’s anti-inflammatory.

20. Watercress – rich in different vitamins and minerals.

21. Wheatgrass – antioxidant and improves blood flow.
Thanks for the list. I had a huge aloe vera plant. It was so big that I had to divided it.