Prayers needed


If you're the praying kind... please help pray for my daughter. She has some medical issues, and the doctors are really giving us a runaround lately. I'm so stressed and worried and I wish someone would just see her. Gah! Anyways, prayers would be appreciated. For her healing, and for the doctors to actually see her.
Prayers are with you!! Push the doctors buttons!! If you are not getting the answers you need, request for another doctor to see her, that will keep them moving!! I dealt with health issues with my oldest son for a very rare disorder that nobody knew anything about. I requested to be seen by other doctors because I wasn't getting any answers, magically, a slew of tests were ordered and with in the next week or so it was all figured out! Your the boss, make them remember that!
Thank you! I requested her records from both the hospital and her general doctor... when I get them, I will see what is missing and work on getting those, to get her into a children's hospital.
Prayers for your daughter! Keep fighting for her. If you don't get the answers you need, never be afraid to find another doctor. There are doctors out there that will fight for her alongside of you. I pray that you get the answers and help soon. Keep us posted!
Yes I am definitely of the praying kind and I am a spiritual work in progress in so many ways. As a Christian we are always taught from good book that we should give our burdens to God and he will take care of whatever concerns we have. It’s difficult to imagine not jumping and taking care of your own problems in your own way; that’s something I battle with everyday. I am working much harder to pray more and alleviate my stress in order to remain a functioning human being. I understand your pain and concerns because I am a parent too. No matter how old they get, we still want to shield our children from any form of harm. You and your family are definitely in my prayers for sure; and I pray for a very positive outcome to the situation.
Thank you! Over the weekend, she gave up her crutch! She is walking! She I tired and sore, but improving day by day. She has an apt at the end of Decemeber with a new dr.
I am so glad that things are looking up in a positive means for you. Always keep thinking positive and praying. I will definitely keep you in my prayers and I have faith that you daughter will get better. Faith without work is dead so make sure you keep your daughter in great spirits; and keep her working toward her goals. Thanks for the update!