Potato Tower?

Sarah Johnson

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Have any of you guys tried building a potato tower? I found some instructions online, but didn't know if anyone else had had success with it.
So, is this a way to grow potatoes? I am very interested in learning more! Thanks for sharing!
Sarah and Barbara,
For years, I did not grow potatoes. They are not expensive to buy and take up garden space I would rather use for other veggies. However, I kept hearing about how home grown potatoes were so much better than store bought. So, last year I tried growing them for the first time. I planted some red potatoes that were sprouting in the pantry. They were awesome. So, this year, I wanted to try them again. I found a place that sold growing bins made of fabric for growing potatoes. When I ordered them, they were out. I looked around for an alternative and noted the large, partially rusted out wheelbarrow my husband was ready to discard. The holes in the bottom were not big; perfect for drainage. I put in about five inches of sifted compost and placed my potatoes on top. As they have grown, I have continued to add more soil and sifted compost. The wheelbarrow is almost full and the plants look awesome. I can hardly wait for harvest. I plan to tip over the wheelbarrow to harvest the potatoes. Will let you know how this works out.
using a wheelbarrow seems like such a creative idea! that might even work for people who don't have a lot of yard space or are building container gardens. it definitely gives me ideas about other unusual items I can use as planters.
I know! Hubby has a large plastic bin outside the fence for packages delivered by UPS and FedEx. He has hit is several times with the tractor, so it has some small holes. He mentioned the other day he is thinking of getting a new one. Guess what the old one will be used for!
I found some pics online of the tower, to help you visualize. To harvest, just unclip the wire, and there's your potatoes. There's many different ways to accomplish it. :)

tower 3.jpg
tower 4.jpg
tower 5.jpg
Wow! Great pictures. And you can put a potato tower almost anywhere. Thanks for the pictures. I am heading out to the garden this a.m. and will take some of my wheelbarrow.
Honestly, when I first read this, I thought you were asking about the potato towers that you eat. The spiral potato stack things. LOL. I realized it is in home and garden and it doesn't help its 5:30am here and I am tired. :)

Anyways, I have never grown potatoes, however, we eat so many in the house that it would probably be beneficial. I love the pictures and ideas you ladies have. The towers look great and I like the rustic look of the wheelbarrow.
Love the wheelbarrow! Mobile is definitely a plus!

Next year I'm planning on around 6 towers. I have storage for them, plus I can can anything that looks close to going bad.

Not that I foresee that to be a problem. My husband is Welsh, and his father Irish. We eat a LOT of potatoes in our house! I want to plant red, gold, russet, and sweet potatoes.
I tried the tower one summer and while I got great plants, I never got potatoes. I might try the wheelbarrow system though!