Oldest Crock Pot Known to Man?


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My crock pot was passed down to me by my mother, and it seems to be pretty old. It's a Corningware brand slow cooker with three settings, low, hi, and auto. I know it's at least as old as I am (almost 20) and I've only recently started cooking in it for myself. Does anyone know about this brand in particular, or other old crock pots? I'd love to see if anyone else is still using this one. I'm also curious if there's anything I should watch out for concerning older crock pots.
Corningware is a great brand. That is wonderful that the crockpot is still working. I know mine is 15 years old. I received mine as a wedding gift 15 years ago, and it works great.

Just look out for cracks in the inner pot. Don't get the inside of the bottom or outer part wet. Dry off the bottom or underneath of the inner part before you use it. In other words, make sure no water gets in between the two parts. You will know when the heating element goes bad so enjoy it while you can!
That sounds like a great piece to have! It must be full of memories! Enjoy it while you can.
The original crockpot in our family at least; is a huge cast iron pot that was used on cattle drives over the fire. "Cookie" as the camp cook was always called could put those beans on over the coffee fire to heat them up, place them in a box with straw and all the other cow hands could simply ladle out a serving as they got hungry. We were fortunate to have two passed down in our family :)