Newbie Neighbor


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I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone that posts on this, hello from Illinois!

I am an online freelance writer, wife and step-mother. With winder quickly rolling in, it is time to break out the crockpot and make some mouth-watering dishes to keep us all full and warm.

I hope this forum will not only provide some great recipes and tips, but will also be a place that I can share mine as well.
Hi millerhicks, and welcome.

You truly are a neighbor for me (I'm in IL as well).

There are already some great recipes, info and tips being shared here so feel free to jump right in. We don't bite, unless it's something delicious!
Welcome to this forum. My name is Mindy, and I am your Hoosier neighbor! I look forward to sharing some recipes with you.

Nice to meet you! I am Barbara from NE Oklahoma - I love using my crockpot year round but especially during the summer months! Hope to be able to chat with you soon here in the crock pot forums!