new to forum, not new to crockpot

thomas pendrake

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I just want to say hello for now. I've been using crockpots for over 30 years, usually for cooking. my favorte recipe is Cuban style black bean soup. I will try to post one in a day or two, possibly on either my blog or another that I am a regular on. My son makes a killer Minorcan clam chowder in his crockpot, but that will probably end up on a blog.
Welcome. It sounds like you have already passed the love of cooking (and crockpots) down to the next generation! Yeah.
I blog at Pendrake's Passions as
Thomas Pendrake. This is found at I can also be found as a guest blogger at . I haven't had time to dig out my blackbean soup recipe yet. My son has an excellent recipe for Minorcan clam chowder using datil peppers. The photo in my avatar is a datil pepper.
I've been busy trying to make a living and just got back to forum. I was also trying to figure out why nothing was showing up on postloop. just found out that I had to go back to postloop and "subscribe". Unfortunately the subscription option seems to be gone for this forum. If we can do something about that I'll get those recipes posted soon. I may just post them on my blog or one of the other ones get paid to write for. I'll put a link on a forum post if I do that. Postloop does not explain about subscribing until you try to find out why you sre not getting your points. Not your fault.

Welcome to the crockpot forums! I would love to learn more about your crockpot recipes. The Cuban black bean soup sounds delicious!