Low Fat Recipes: EASY Cabbage Casserole in the Crock Pot

This looks great. I am looking forward to making this. I will leave out the rice. Too bad video was so dark when filming the final results. Thanks for sharing.
barbara Thank you for Cabbage Casserole. Have a head now on hand and we love rice, fresh garden beans, carrots if it does'nt call for them I will add ?? I am hungry as I type. mmmmm more Saturday about this Meal?
Hello! Well I did the Famous barbara Cabbage recipe. I did add carrots & fresh celery tips & fresh garden onions,
DRLICIOUS ans had slices Tomatoes & Cukes for side. My 90yr young Larry watched Video & Me seeing is I was doing it OK. SMILE!! a Lot. He even cleaned up dishes. So Family CrockPot Night. Thank You xxxooo
Awesome! Not everyone likes cabbage, but I really do! Thanks for sharing how you and Larry liked the recipe!
So many people I know do not like cabbage dishes, but I absolutely love them! I will give this a try as well - adding it to my recipe list.