Key Health Benefits of Onions

Barbara G.

Staff member
Onions can be added to many meals, even in smaller quantities. Onions hold many health benefits for those who add them to their diet on a regular basis. They come in different varieties, some stronger flavored than others. Usually, the more expensively priced onions will hold sweeter, milder flavors.

Key Health Benefits of Onions:

  • High in flavoniods
  • Aid the body in using vitamin C
  • Can lower the risk of cancer
  • Holds heart benefits
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Improves cell membrane functions
  • Increases bone density
  • Can fight inflammations
  • May help improve sugar imbalances
  • Contains quercetin
  • Contains polyphenols
  • Contains biotin
  • Contains manganese
  • Contains copper
  • Contains vitamin B6
  • And more!
Using one cup of cooked onions to a recipe will add approximately ninety calories. Onions hold many health benefits when consumed on a regular basis. One cup provides around 1/4th of the daily recommendation for biotin to the diet.

Onions can be added to potato recipes, soup recipes, sandwhiches, salads, and many other recipes. When cooking onions in the crock pot, they typically will not be overcooked and will not lose their nutritional value (unless they are overcooked).

This is really good information. As an onion lover, I always knew that onions are good for us but now that I see this post I am surprised at how good they really are for us. There is nothing better than a fresh onion from the garden in summer. Thanks for the information.
I love onions but have to be careful how much I consume. They are high in natural sugars which is definitely better than processed stuff but still a no-no for those of us watching sugar and carbs.