Key Health Benefits of Carrots

Barbara G.

Staff member
Carrots are crunchy root vegetables that come with various health benefits. Because carrots are available year-round, it is wise to reap benefits of this delicious vegetable.

1. Carrots contain beta-carotene, an antioxidant, which aids in reducing risk of certain cancers. Falcarinol, a polyacetylene found in carrots, also prevents development of some diseases particularly cancer.

2. Increasing carrot consumption can help reduce breast cancer risk, thanks to the retinoic acid found in carrots. In addition to this, retinoic acid helps convert pre-cancerous breast cells back to their normal and healthy state.

3. Carrots are good source of Vitamin A which boosts immune system by producing more white blood cells in the body. These white blood cells fight infectious cells present in our body.

4. Carrots are rich sources of beta-carotene which is good for our optic system. Beta-carotene has tremendous benefits as it helps improve vision and reduces stroke risk.

5. Carrots are also known for their cleansing properties. Drinking fresh carrot juice helps cleanse your liver and detoxifies the body. However, it is advised to add apple or beet when juicing carrots.

6. Eating carrots and tomatoes gives your skin a healthy glow, thanks to the carotenoids present in them. In fact, research shows that eating more fruits and vegetables is far more effective than heading for a suntan. Carotenoids improve our reproductive and immune systems and fight against aging.

7. Munching raw carrots is healthy for gums and teeth. However, people having weak teeth should be careful and cut carrots into small pieces in order to avoid further damage to their teeth.

8. Cooking carrots does not reduce the nutritional value of the vegetable. Research finds that carrots when cooked or even pureed contain higher level of antioxidants compared to raw ones. This clears up the myth that raw vegetables are always healthier than cooked ones. Research shows that for some vegetables this may not be the case.

Do you enjoy eating carrots, or adding them to your cooking recipes? Do you know of other healthy benefits of carrots? Looking forward to hearing your responses!