It's Cooling Off Outside - What Are Your Plans?


Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler for a lot of us. Halloween is right around the corner. What are your plans for this Fall/Winter season?

For us it's trick-or-treating and Halloween parties. I'm a mid-west transplant and though I was brought up in NYC I spent the first half of my adult life in warm places like California and Hawaii -- but I've got to admit having 4 seasons again is growing on me. :)

I'm looking forward to the holiday feasting and celebrations.
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Halloween is indeed just around the corner. Here in Sweden, we don't really have trick-or-treats but people have started planning get-togethers. Some people will be going to parties, and some will just go to the cemetery. For us, I will just cook stew since some of our relatives will be visiting. So, it is just me and my slow cooker in the kitchen next weekend.
I'm expecting to live a 3-day magic experience from October 31st to November 2nd with loads of traditional dishes and perhaps less trick or treating time but loads of fun time.

Later, I will focus on getting ready my new apartment for Thanksgiving day, after which my seasonal home decoration time starts. I hope to hold a housewarming party in early December before embarking myself in further holidaying plans.
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My plans are to get back on my diet and exercise plan, lose weight and be ready for the summer season next year. My reality tells me I am going to continue to get recipes off of this site, attend lots of dinners and probably gain 10 pounds over the winter. Hopefully my plans will win over reality. But, so far it's not looking good.
Yes, it's certainly fall now! I'm in NY, and I had to start the woodstove already.
Halloween will be fun, although sadly my 3 older children (12. 14. 16) are not very interested this year. I'm hoping that changes. I also have a 5 year old and I will have a good time bringing him around the neighborood!
Christmas season is my favorite so I am already looking forward to that!
I want to try to start exercising. I am going to start the Couch to 5K program tomorrow!
My plans are to get our new house in order as we just moved due to a military change of station! And to do a lot of freezer cooking so I can have ready to go meals for my crock pot all the time!! We try to travel back home often so its nice to come back Sunday night and "shop" in my freezer for that weeks menu!!
I'm planning to spend time making lots of stews and hearty soups with my crockpot! Nothing is nicer in cold weather than hot soup with bread (or rice if you prefer the Asian version).
I've got a camping trip coming up! We had out first snow today soooo that my camping trip may just be a colder than expected.
I don't plan on doing anything outside that's for sure! I live in Michigan and it's only 5 degrees outside today. I'll probably make some chilli, it always warms me up in the winter. I love making it spicy with some hot sauce. I like to add a lot of cheese and sour cream on top too.
It's so hot I can't sleep! He lets us have the air con on during the day but says its too expensive to keep it running thru the night. I've had a hard time sleeping this whole week because it's too hot. We're in the US for the summer and it gets so much hotter here than at home.