Indoor Herb/Fruit/Vegetable Gardens


I live in a small apartment with very little natural light that comes in through the windows. Does anyone have any experience growing herbs, plants, and vegetables indoors? Is it possible? Any tips would be appreciated!
I'm not really sure how effective this method could be. The only things I've ever grown in a pot outside a window are flowers. However, you could always try to grow something small and see how it turns out. If it's too big it probably won't work out too well because you'd have to transfer it to a bigger pot sooner or later and would need more room then you'd have in a small apartment.
I have a similar problem. It seems like everything from small flowers to herbs have ended up dying in my apartment. I gave them water. I gave them sunshine. I gave them love. I even cheated and gave them vitamin enriched soil. No dice. I was wondering if someone know of something to blame that I may not be giving credit to? A friend suggested I get a humidifier.
Oh ladies!! This is so easy! You can do this if can dedicate some space specifically to make your "gardening corner."

A grow light is a must! The bulb isn't cheap but it is worth it. I used a medium sized fluorescent and mixed a few regular bulbs.
Got a table, mounted lights, a small fan, planted plants, kept lights on for the majority of the day. Watered as needed. I started all my herbs and several veggies this way. I regularly root house plant clippings for re-potting using this method.

Miracle grow every 2 weeks is nice - unless you want something more natural then Fish Emulsion is the optimal choice. Available in the garden department at most Lowes and Home Depot's.

You can use almost anything to plant in as long as you allow for drainage. Air circulation is imperative. Keep the fan on when the lights are on. Keep plants warm and don't let them get root bound. Transplant if needed but ONLY as necessary as it will effect the growth.
So easy!!
I would think you could go to the plant shop with a picture and they could help you. I have a huge window and want to plant as well. The problem is one of my plants began to die so today,I re potted it and hope it grows more. I do know the house is hot so had to move it from the heater. Hoping it will be good in a few weeks. I want to plant grapes and apples since that is what I eat most. this image is of my living room window . which gets lots of sun light.


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TasteBuds, great post! I would like to add that the easiest thing to grow are different spices as most of those plants are used to harsh enviroments. If you have a small window you can put your pot close to it and it will grow like crazy. Nothing beats fresh spices I must say!
I'm not sure about your natural light problem- but one time I was gifted one of those small "make your own herb garden" kits, for apartments. They grew really fast and lived a long time, with little effort on my part. I think as long as you have sun, and don't drawn the plants when you water them, they will grow fine. They are easy plants to deal with.
I have thought about growing some things from seed earlier in the year when it is still cold here and thought about using some grow lights to see how it works. Then, I will be ready when the season comes to move them outdoors. I used to live in apartments in the past and did miss the ability to be able to do more when it came to gardening and the like.
I used a grow light to grow plants from seeds indoors. It worked pretty well. I want to have an indoor herb garden but as you can tell I have a cat. I just have to figure out how to have my indoor garden and keep my cat out of the way. I think I am going to have to hang my plants and pray that he doesn't jump up there to eat my herbs. By the way, his name is Voltaire :eek: