I need to use my crock pot!

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I got a crock pot for myself for Christmas...

Christmas 2012, lol!

I haven't used it at all. I even bought recipes at Walmart, but I haven't used any of those either. What are some things that people have prepared in ordinary pots and pans, but would be better in a crock pot? I need to get some use out of this thing, as it's just collecting dust under my cabinet.
I use mine quite a bit but my downfall is that I make the same recipes over and over again. I need to expand and learn how to make more with it. I think we are in the right place!
Welcome to the crockpot forums! Nice to meet you! If you are like me, once you start using your crock pot, it will be hard to stop using it! Hope to see you here in the forums, soon!