I love when I forget...


that I put something in the crock pot. And I come home to a lovely, yummy smell.
All I did was put chicken breasts in the crock pot, with a packet of Italian seasonings. So easy! Smells so good.
Did you add any liquid to this? I'm always afraid of scorching the food if there is no liquid or possible catching the darn thing on fire!!
I put a little bit of water in it. Turned out so moist and delicious!! I'm having leftovers today for lunch in my salad!
that sounds so nice. I just those season and shake and I add the seasoning to my toasts dishes, but I thin I am going to try in the crock pot and see how that turns out.
I make Indian dhal or chickpea curry with mine and it tastes excellent. You can season some chicken or other meat and leave it there to cook slowly. The meat literally falls off the bone and smells heavenly.
Yes! It falls apart so easily and I so juicy. A little preparation earns great rewards!
I find duck when done properly can be excellent as well. I like to prepare it with herbes de provence and just leave it to slow-cook. The result is almost heavenly! I think duck when done this way is way better than grilled or roasted.
I don't know if Italian seasoning and italian dressing have the same flavor profile but this past week I put some chicken breasts into the crock pot but instead of using the dry seasoning I poured the dressing over them and it was delicious. It just gets rid of having to add water to the pot and it may even add a bit more flavor.
That sounds great! I do use the dressing to marinate the chicken, so I bet that was fabulous!
It was delicious! My boyfriend doesn't like chicken but he even said it was really good chicken. I'd like to give some other salad dressing/ marinades a try soon. There's so many different flavors and possibilities.