How To Request Crockpot Recipes

Barbara G.

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Are you looking for something different to cook this week in your crockpot? Are you looking for some simple slow cooker recipes?

This section of the CrockPotTalk forum is a great place to seek out crockpot, or slow cooker, recipes!

How to request crockpot, or slow cooker, recipes:

Have you looked in the forums for the recipe you are searching for? Here is where you will find the recipes we have posted in the Crock Pot Recipes Forum.

If still need help, please create a new thread in this forum for your slow cooker recipe request.

Add a descriptive title so others will know at a glance the type of slow cooker recipe you are looking for.

Example: Looking for Apple Butter Slow Cooker Recipe

Give as much info as possible in the body of the message to tell others exactly what you are looking for.

CrockPotTalk members and staff will do our best to help you find recipes that fit your needs.

;) Thank you! Happy Crockpot Cooking! ;)
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