How to make compost - Making your own compost

Barbara G.

Staff member
Composting is something that I have always desired to learn more about. Here are some helpful tips on making your own compost for your home garden.

This seems cooler than just composting on the ground! I may be changing my mind about my composting plan! Though, I do feel like churning that will be quite a task.
When I first moved into my home, I started a compost in one of the fancy bins. I also added worms so that I wouldn't have to churn the soil. It did come out pretty well though. Unfortunately, I did not continue over the years. But now that I am seeing this video, I may start again- just have to put it on my to do list.
I was looking into creating an actual bin. I found pretty quickly that is is actually simple, and not too expensive to build your own. I'm sure it would be easier to buy one, but I always find it exciting to create something functional on my own.
Here are the instructions I found!
This is a really great video! Thanks for sharing. I used to compost with my parents at their house, where there's a big yard and garden. It's harder to do at an apartment when all of my gardening is done in small containers. This is really good info for future use though, if I get back to composting and have room for it. And he mentions coffee grounds & egg shells like we discussed in another thread here!
My husband bought a compost tumbler a few years back. We add yard waste and kitchen scraps and just give it a few twirls everyday. It takes a long time but it is so good for the garden.
Thanks Barbara for the video. I already have a compost bin. I guess I should stop being so lazy and clean it out and start composting.
has anyone experienced any trouble with the compost attracting animals and bugs and insects? just curious if putting food scraps and things outside in certain areas might attract raccoon or other creatures!
My compost bin is sealed, but I'm sure when I'm asleep those nocturnal creatures look to feast. When I started my compost bin, I added worms to help turn the soil. I know, I know, yes, I'm on the lazy side. :(
You will get some insects but that helps in the breaking down process. What you don't want to do is add meat scraps. That will draw flies and lots of other creatures as you mentioned. With the fruits and vegetables, you can either cover the compost with a tarp or straw or turn it by hand so the fresh food scraps are buried beneath. It shouldn't be a major problem if you leave them out as you are only adding small bits at a time.
I agree with you TheresaL. When I had my compost, I did not add any meats- mostly egg shells, and fresh vegetables. I didn't get any offense odors - or at least the neighbors didn't complain.