How Exercise Can Improve Diabetes

Barbara G.

Staff member
People who are diagnosed with diabetes often feel that it’s something absolute and irrevocable. Most of the time it brings along a feeling of “resignation and the lack of hope” that things could still be normal for them. There is something about diabetes that easily makes people “feel bound to something” short of a life sentence. But don’t you know that there is one thing that can greatly help you if you got diabetes?

Aside from a long list of medicines to be taken regularly, and the dos and don’ts of a diabetic diet, exercise can do wonders for you. Yes, wonders, miracle, hope.

Three important reasons why you should include exercise in your daily routine as a diabetic patient:

1. Exercise will help you regain insulin sensitivity and reverse insulin resistance. One of the important parts of diabetic treatment is insulin therapy. Insulin helps bring your blood sugar level in your body within the normal range. According to Mayo Clinic, “If your pancreas secretes little or no insulin (type 1 diabetes), or your body doesn't produce enough insulin or has become resistant to insulin's action (type 2 diabetes)”. With exercise you are cooperating with what your body can do for you to make sure you stay safe and healthy. You “agree” with your body, and not antagonize it for what it wants.

2. You can manage your weight with exercise. This is a given. We know that gaining weight is not good for someone with diabetes. It may lead to further complications if it is not managed well. Weight gain could mean high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, stress, to name just a few. Surely you do not want to be miserable struggling with your weight and other medical complaints on top of all your diabetic concerns – then take a step toward exercise.

3. A few other amazing benefits: improved blood circulation, reduced stress levels, more energy, stronger heart, muscles and bones, lower blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol. These and a lot more benefits which will surely make your life a lot more worthwhile event with diabetes. If you know how to take care of your own body, there is no stopping you from living a normal life. Everyone deserves it. You deserve it.

It is highly important for you to consult with your doctor before starting just to make sure the type of exercise you have chosen suits you and it will not be detrimental to your condition. The bottom line is to watch yourself that you are not just “lying around all the time” or being inactive.

Challenge yourself – be active in different ways! Make a list of the things that you want to do, the things that you can still do, the things that you might do. Take control, be the captain of your own life and take charge!
My aunt has diabetics and it is difficult for her to exercise. Although, she does get some exercise in when she can. Of course, she is much older and has knee issues.

There are different ways one can be active which is helpful.