How do you make a Beef Burrito?

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I ate this last night at Don Henrico's restaurant with my special girl. The dish cost us only 5 bucks and it's very delicious. It has beef and tomatoes and onions... And it has sweet and sour and salsa sauce. Now, I'd want to find out how to make a beef burrito. I wanna make this at home to eat as a snack. Anyone know how to make this dish? Could the beef be cooked in a crock pot?
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I think the beef burritos is one of the most delicious dishes ever invented. I heard that beef is tastier when prepared in a crock pot, because the flavor comes out more concentrated when meat is prepared in a slow cooker. Preparing beef in crock pots can take longer hours but it is definitely worth the wait!

I tried this last night and had a bit of difficulty acquiring some of the ingredients, but it ended up great!

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I love Tex-Mex cuisine and once being at Houston I had the chance to taste beef burrito with chile colorado sauce. It was a hot chili mashed with other ingredients into a stone mortar that is known in Mexico as "molcajete"

When I got back home I did a research to ind the recipe, and came across with this Slow Cooker Chile Colorado Beef Burritos

This recipe uses enchilada sauce rather than handmade chili sauce, but you can omit it to see if this is the recipe that you had the chance to taste at Don Heinrico's ;)