Home remedies for headaches


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Does anyone know of any natural cures for headaches. I have been taking advil, and tylenol excessively and need to find a more natural way to help my head pains.

Many things can cause headaches. It can be related to high blood pressure, pinched nerves, allergies, and stress (among other things). Sometimes, it is well worth finding out what might be causing the headaches to come up with the more fitting solution.

Do you know what might be causing your headaches?
Yes, I had a slip and fall during the winter. Dr. said it was a mild brain injury, which in order words a concussion. They offered meds, but I am already taking meds for my back pain. I really would like to find something all natural.
I don't really have issues with headaches that come with pain, only silent migraines. Here are a few things I have read online which can be helpful for headaches:

Drink more water since dehydration is the top cause of headaches.

Massage therapy can also help to prevent or lessen headaches.

Aromatherapy has also been known to help with headache relief. Peppermint and lavender are a good choice.

Using ice packs on the back of the neck can also be helpful. Wrap ice in a towel and place on back of next for short periods of time.

Exercise can also help with headache prevention.

Hope this helps you! ;)
Wow! Thank you Barbara. That's so ironic, I am going to a lavender farm with my mom on friday. I love aromatherapy, I just wasn't sure if it would help with headaches. Thanks again.
There's a store in my area called "Lush" and they're known for fresh, handmade natural items like cosmetics, soaps, lotions, etc. They have great massage oils and massage bars that are supposed to have different healing effects for the scents. Example there are some lemon and citrus ones, and my favorite is the honey & cocoa butter. I've gotten them to help with sore and aching muscles, but they have some that are supposed to be good for massaging the neck/ head and would probably help with headaches. Pretty sure they have lavender scented items. There may be a similar store in your area where you could find some natural remedies.
Thanks amber summer, I'm sure their are a few stores that aromatherapy items in my area. I will have to look around.