Hey There Slow Cookers!


Hello Everyone.

My name is Amy and I joined this site to get involved and talk about slow cooking. I love the convenience of it and meals always turn out better. I cook all the time when I can and I enjoy getting my kids involved in cooking as well. I have made many meals in the crock pot with my share of successes and failures, but it is all a learning game anyways.

I would have to say my favorite crock pot recipe is pot roast. It comes out so tender and juicy and now I want to make it for dinner. :)

I look forward to engaging in conversations with everyone and sharing recipes.

Happy Crock Potting!
Hello Amy,

Welcome to the crockpot forums! It is a pleasure to meet you and have you here as a member! I look forward to learning more about your crockpot adventures! We will also be adding lots of new recipes here on the site in the weeks ahead! Thanks for joining us!;)