Hello From Ireland!

Christin C

Hi my name is Christina. I am a mum of one. I can't wait to get some great receipts from here for my son. He has lost his appetite and I am looking to cook him something different to get him eating again. If you have any ideas on what I can do to help him eat don't be shy to tell me. I would really appreciate the advice. I love cook new things that I haven't tried before.
Hi TABL. He is two since September. He used to be a very good eater now not so much. I don't know what to give him any more.
Two! Fun age, but can be tough! I'm not sure what he eats... but I would suggest offering a wide variety. A lot of finger foods, available when he wants a snack so he doesn't get o hungry. Fruits/veggies disguised as something else is always fun. Like, arrange them to make a happy face, a fish, or something. Also, seasonings like parmesan cheese might help. Good luck!
He used to eat everythig that I gave me. All short of veg and mash and meat, fish, you name it he ate it. I got him a tonic and got him vitamins and minerals so that he wont be loosing out in any while he is on that rant of not eating.
I think he will eat, if he's hungry. I personally would put out food, and not give him other choices. But I've never really had kids who refused.
I wish my one didn't refuse. But I guess what will come in time. Ill take your advice and make sure that he has food during the day so that when he is hungry he will just eat it.
Hello and nice to meet you! I love to use the crockpot and look forward to hearing from others as well as sharing!