Growing Herbs In Your Kitchen Window

Barbara G.

Staff member
We only want the best and the freshest ingredients to any of the dishes we cook at home. And what a better way to flavor-up our cooking than by adding hand-picked herbs and spices, we personally grow inside our kitchen. It is good to know that some of the most common herbs and spices we see in the market can be domestically grown.

Follow these few simple tips to enjoy your 24/7 fresh herbal garden in your kitchen window:

· Choose the right plant and the right soil. Small-leaved herbs grow best indoors. You can put seed in a potting mix and transfer then in a regular pot once they grew a few inches taller.

· Mind the ambient temperature when growing herbs indoors. Herbs die fast when they are exposed to too hot and dry air. Likewise when they are in cold winter air. Place them in a cool dry place where air circulates better.

· Place plants in your eastern window. Herbs will grow healthier when they get morning sunlight than the burning afternoon sunlight.

· Ensure proper watering. Too much water drowns herb’s root, which can cause rotting. Water the herbs only when the outer soil dries out.

Just like any regular plant, herbs grown indoors stay healthy and bushy when they are trimmed. Since you will need them when you cook, the more often you pinch their leaves off, the more they regrow healthier leaves. So cook more and watch them grow beautifully.
I have grown some outdoors, but have not tried indoors yet. I was not sure if I have enough light in the house to be successful.
I think some herbs are easier to grow than others. I have tried a few from seeds and did not fair well.

I am going to look for the actual plants in the new year.
I have the some pretty good spots in my home to grow herbs. However, my cat thinks that it's for him to snack on. I'm still trying to figure out a way to keep him away.