Good Morning, Noon and Night


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Hello, and nice to meet you. It is bright and early for me right now, but I know it could be anytime when you read it. I discovered crock pot cooking about a year ago. Then a two month span with no oven was saved by a crock pot. Now I realize I could not live without it.

I like to make chili, chicken and pork in the crock pot, amongst other things. I do need to get a larger one, as my boyfriend has 3 kids and I have 3 kids. As you can probably imagine, I am always in need of ideas for large meals. Crock pot cooking is probably the most affordable way I have figured out so far.
Good morning! Welcome! Crock potting is definitely a necessity sometimes!
Six kids! Good for you! I have 4 and I don't know how I do it sometimes :)
Hello! Welcome the crockpot community forums! Hope to hear more about your crock pot adventures here in the forums!