Get An Extra 30 Minutes Of Daily Exercise With These Tips

Barbara G.

Staff member
It is a fact that everyone needs to be healthy, and stay healthy, for all the reasons. This is especially true now that the world has been invaded by toxins, artificial ingredients in the food, and a lot of preservatives. And in order to stay on the healthy side but still do not miss out on some eating episodes with friends and family, then you need to put in more minutes into your daily exercise routine.

For anyone who is busy living a hectic life, such an endeavor may prove difficult and oftentimes futile. But you really do not have to hit the gym to do this because you can certainly add in an extra 30 minutes into your daily exercise with these tips.

First, you need to live an energetic lifestyle. For folks who work in offices and detain themselves behind a desk for the whole day, you can insert exercises by taking the stairs instead of the lift when you go to the next two floors. Furthermore, you can also get those photocopies yourself instead of sending someone else to do it. These short walks are better than nothing at all. This would take at least 10 minutes.

Second, while you are sitting and typing away on your keyboard, why not do a few leg lifts? So as you are sitting down, try to lift one leg first for 10 times and then do the same with the other one. As you make this a routine, you are able to strengthen your muscles and give your legs a great figure. Recap this for 10 minutes.

Third, park your car farther away from your office building’s entrance and walk that distance. This short-5 minute walk can put such an impact your exercise when done daily. Then, the other 5-minute walk back to your car completes your additional 30 minutes of exercise.

You really do not have to sweat in order to say you have successfully exercised. By just moving more than you essentially do, you are able to work out more.
Thanks for the tips. Whenever I go shopping at the mall with my mom, she always complains that I parked too far from the entrance. I especially like the leg lifts while sitting at my desk.