Freezer Fundamentals: Maximize the Use of Your Freezer

Barbara G.

Staff member
Whether it is for keeping your produce crisp and fresh, preserving some of leftovers, or keeping frozen goods to last for a long time - the freezer does the job the best. In a regular-sized refrigerator that is used at our home, the freezer space is very limited not to mention temperature-sensitive.

Utilize your available freezer space smartly by following these freezer basics:

• Cool food down before storing it. The refrigerator’s compressor will keep on working until it reaches the temperature we set in its thermostat. If we store steaming hot food inside the freezer the refrigerator will have to work double time to keep the temperature inside verified against the thermostat. This means higher electricity consumption and potential damage to the internal compressor components, so cool food items before placing them into the freezer section.

• Do not crowd freezer. Freezer space can only be stacked at 85% maximum. This is to allow the cold air to circulate to accelerate the freezing and also for the ease of taking the food out when it is already frozen. Use square containers since they fit perfectly in the corners of the freezer in most cases. Stack them one on top of the other and with the wider ones at the bottom.

• Store and draw out food in chronological order. Older foods must be placed in front and therefore they can be used first. Record the date each item was stored and using a log post it on the refrigerator door. This is to keep track on what is inside the freezer and to keep track of how long they are stored inside.

It is important to take note that the freezer door cannot be left unsealed and ajar against its casing. Introduction of too much air can cause temperature variation resulting in freezer burning of food items, which contaminates the quality of the food stored.
I have to admit, I do crowd my freezer. I have to work on that. However, storing food in a chronological order is a great idea. When I un-crowd my freezer I will have to put them in chronological order. Thanks for the tips.