Fill Crockpot to the Top or Not?

i agree that filling up your crockpot will not allow your food to cook properly. This just happened to me. I put in to many beans for my soup and it was filled to the top. some of the beans never completely cooked.
Great tip to share - I have never really thought of the amount of food in the crockpot. I normally don't fill the crockpot up when cooking with it, but I have put smaller portioned recipes in overnight only to wake up to it being overcooked. So, this does make sense and it will be something I have in the back of my mind more now.
Absolutely! Filling it too high does seem to slow the cooking time and not having enough in there, particularly liquid can lead to burning. I've learned this the hard way!
I agree also that filling up the crockpot to much or too little will not achieve the desired results. I just happened to stumble upon this article and had never really given it much thought either. Much of what I cook in the crockpot is just by guessing what and how much to add.