Entertaining with Style: Crock-Pot’s 32-Ounce Manual Double Dipper Warmer

Barbara G.

Staff member
Food always makes the way to everyone’s heart. Parties and intimate get-togethers are not complete without something to munch on. Everyone has their tastes and favorites when it comes to chips and the dip that goes with it. Satisfy everyone’s taste buds with this unique and innovative food warmer by Crock-Pot.


Features and Design

With the double dip container, parties and entertaining guests can now be an easy task. This feature allows you to serve two warm dips simultaneously, your guests will have a choice on what to munch on. Each separate container can hold 16-ounce of sauce and dips. Now you do not have to worry about working out on the right dip for each guest.

Another good thing about the food warmer is that you can also use it to melt those chocolate bars into one serious sweet dip and even warm that maple syrup for your pancakes. The versatility of this food warmer allows you to use it anytime of the day.

The innovative user-friendly design features the oval-shaped insert that also comes with sturdy handles on the side for easy transport. It allows you to even place it inside a microwave whenever necessary. It also features a transparent lid that allows easy removal.

Feedbacks and More

On one of the most trusted online retail stores, the overall rating of this cookware is four out of five stars. Most of the feedbacks show how customers love the way it is easily cleaned and stored after use. The two separate containers allow flexibility in terms of choice.

One more thing people love about this food warmer by Crock-Pot is that it is affordable and does not put a dent in your finances like other available cookware. One can easily get the value of what they have paid for.

Some customers complain that the actual product is quite small compared to what is advertised. Although most reviews would contradict the idea, it might have been that the cooked dip is too much - that’s why the containers are not enough.

Customers also love the black color of this product and the overall elegant design. It sits perfectly on any dining table without taking up too much space. It is a definite must-have for those who want to entertain their guests in the greatest manner.
This looks interesting. I will have to see if Walmart comes out with this during the holidays. I like to actually see what I am going to buy, but the concept is different.
I would like to see this in person as well. It sounds like a great idea for parties or family get togethers. I wonder if this can also be used as a regular crock pot.
I would also have to agree with HomeSchoolMom. I would like to see it in person. Sounds like a great idea- especially for large families.