Easy Cabbage Casserole


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Hi Everyone, I am new here and have been checking out some of the recipes. I really want to make the Easy
Cabbage Casserole but not being a great cook, I find it difficult to cook without all the measurements of the
recipe and the gal giving the lesson doesn't say how much vegetable juice to use or whether she used the
larger tins of Hunts tomato sauce or the little ones. Could someone let me know or could the gal who gave
the lesson perhaps list the ingredients and their amounts? Thank you so much......Jay

Hello and welcome to the crockpot forums! In reviewing the video, the lady is using one large can of veggie juice and two cans of tomato paste along with one can of tomatoes. I have six ounce cans, but I believe the tomato paste looks like the next size up - maybe 12 ounces?

If I had these actually sizes in my pantry, I would let you know the ounces on the can. I think this was the lady's first video and she did pretty well, but I did not realize she did not tell the actual ounces of each ingredient.

I will have to add the items to my grocery list and find out the sizes at the grocery store.

Thank you for joining us and please let us know if you need anything else! We will be more than happy to assist you.
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Thank you Barbara, I am going to have a go later this week with this recipe and see how I make out. Appreciate hearing back from you....Jay
You are welcome! It does sounds like a delicious recipe - I am going to also give it a go soon!