Dr. Oz Under Fire


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I have to admit I found myself running to my computer to purchase CLA and raspberry ketones because Dr. Oz said it was good for weight loss. Did you catch Dr. Oz on the hot seat with the senate? The takeaway was that the doctor failed to scientifically prove that most of the supplements promoted on the show have no scientific backing to their claim. It interesting how the ethics and moral goes out the window when celebrity takes precedence.

I saw that about Dr. Oz. Very interesting case. He made the point that he never said the supplements and products on his show were scientifically proven. And while he doesn't directly say it, he definitely implied it. Seems like it was a way for him to get around any serious consequences.
I agree. Although I have never used any of his products, I do know many people rely on him and his word about products. He has a very large following and I definitely think he could have been more clear.
I missed that episode about Dr. Oz. Yes, celebrity status has taken precedence. My mother was one of many who ran out to purchase CLA. I bought it from her so that she couldn't take it because she has diabetes. She just took his word for it and assumed it was o.k. I told her that she should check with her physician first.