Do you like to travel? Or wished you had more time to travel?

Barbara G.

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Traveling is something that is on my bucket list. I live in NE Oklahoma and have not been too many places in life. One day, I would love to do some traveling even across the United States to begin with. I would love to be able to go site seeing and take photographs. I love the outdoors and hope one day to have even a small travel trailer and the time to see the country.

Do any of you travel from time to time? Where have you traveled to?

If you had the time and money, where would you go traveling to?
I have traveled across country twice so far and been to Florida three times so far. My oldest lives in Calif and my second son lives in fla. So i visit them when i can. For the time and money i would definitely go back to Florida and Cali.
Hello DebbyR! We have not done much traveling except in the immediate area where we live. I do have family on the East Coast in NJ, but it has been many, many years since I have went to see them! Nice to meet you!
I've traveled to the Caribbean and across country several times, but only to CA. and Las Vegas. I would like to go abroad - Europe, Asia and India. In addition, I've started to write about my travels- whether it's local or across county.
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