Do you like to make gifts for family and friends?


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Or does the idea of making handmade gift stress you out? I don't make handmade gifts but I will buy some gifts that are hand made. For example special soap, or jewelry.
When I had more time in my younger years, I would spend hours making hand made items. Now days, I don't have much time at all to do it. I do think hand made items can add a special touch to gift giving.
I think making things can be a stress reliever unless we are pressured due to time restraints. Planning ahead is a good thing in this respect if you are trying to make items for a good number of people.
I will occasionally give someone a jar of something I canned from the garden for Christmas. They always appreciate it in the middle of winter. If I waited until the holiday season to make someone a homemade gift I would be too pressured and probably give up on it.
I know you mean about feeling pressured to get things done for holiday gifts. I use to make dream catchers. I still have all of my supplies but haven't found the time.
I have made gifts for Christmas every year for the last 20 or years. Sometimes it's kitchen items.. One year I did those meals in a jar - like muffin mixes or soup mixes. They are pretty and useful. I gave those to teachers, the mailman, etc. Some years I have done baskets with homemade cookies and chocolates. This year all of my friends got scrap-ghans - afghans crocheted using variations of their favorite colors fr4om my yarn scrap collection. It helped me clean out some clutter in a useful way and gave them something special. I have also given painted ceramics, handmade ornaments and more I can't even think of.

Now do they all appreciate it? Some do, some...maybe not. No one has ever complained...that I'm aware of! :)
Wow, your friends are very fortunate to have a friend like you who gives them a hand made gift. I am sure you are appreciated.