Do you enjoy any type of crafting?

Barbara G.

Staff member
Crafting is popular for many people. Some enjoy making cards or other crafts. Some enjoy crocheting, or knitting.

I enjoy crocheting when I have spare time. I also like to scrapbook and have alot of catching up to do.

Do you enjoy any type of crafting?
I used to crochet but have not done it in a long time. I got bored with it but now I see where it is very popular again so I may get back into it. Knitting is ok too but seems to go a lot slower. There is a type of craft that I do where I take wild mushrooms and dry them out and then I paint them to look like they are still alive.
I enjoy crocheting (be sure to check out CrochetTalk) but don't do very well when it comes to knitting.

Painting the mushrooms sounds very interesting! You are welcome to share some photos with us if you would like!
I used to make Dream Catchers for family members. I still have all of my supplies, I just need to make the time.