Did you try something new today?


I make it a point every day to try something new. Be it a food or activity or way I tend to treat people. I try new things.

My new thing today was: I danced on a stage in front of MANY people. It was crazy but it was fun. What about you guys?
Sounds like you had alot of fun today! :D

I tried doing something for a month once. Ive actually been a vegetarian for a month. It was okay but I prefer eating meat!
lol That's crazy. I've done the same exact thing and came to the same exact result. I love chicken far too much to let it go. The meat substitutes tasted like spiced sponges. They were the worst. I think the longest I went had to be three months.
Honestly I didnt even eat the meat substitutes. Just ate alot of veggies cereals and stuff. The good thing about it is that you feel "easy" and light but I was always a bit hungry.