Did anyone else find it crazy that Barack Obama was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly?


I was prepping food a little before the game and I hear the president on the television and it made me concerned for a second because I always fear the worst when they interrupt a broadcast for the president. Came to find there was nothing to be concerned about it's just Bill O'Reilly interviewing the president. What?!?
Was anyone else surprised by this? I understand why Bill would do this: It helps with his ratings. The SuperBowl WAS on Fox so it makes sense that they would be the channel to air the interview before the game. I just could not put the pieces together as to why Obama would want to do this? Especially since, if I recall, the last time Bill interviewed him there were debated interruptions. Strange.
I think Obama was lucky to be interviewed by Bill O'Reilly. Obama loves to go on the main stream media networks like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and NBC, because they always ask him questions like, "How's your golf score looking?" All those networks are just a bunch of radical liberals who try to brainwash the American people, just like Obama. The only news station which you will get only the facts is Fox News, which is why Barack Obama wants nothing to so with them.
lol Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I'm going to have to ask you to post an example of Obama being asked about his golf scores by these stations outside the realm of golf interviews (interviews at golf ventures).

Let's be realistic: Every station on the face of the planet wants viewers in order to make more money. How do we do this? Asking questions that will be referenced on other networks. Edgy questions. Sadly, I do not feel Bill asked these questions.
His advisors probably thought it was a good idea to sit with Bill. Its good for their image if people get to know them on a more "personal" and less business level.